Timely Blessing

Be strong and bold; have no fear or dread of them, because it is the Lord your God who goes with you; he will not fail you or forsake you. – Deuteronomy 31:6 

Have you ever received a blessing from God, but you just couldn’t understand the timing of it? Do you ever ask yourself, what did I fix or improve about myself to receive this? I know I ask myself that. Currently, I am noticing that because the timing of a blessing doesn’t make sense, I have put up walls. I’m not trusting that God is with me and He absolutely will not fail me. It is so hard to have a new blessing that in the past, had caused you pain. A blessing like a job and maybe you worked too much causing family stress. Maybe it was a boyfriend or girlfriend that broke your heart, or maybe it was a roommate who manipulated you. In any case, God can provide a new job, a new partner, or a new roommate. The trick is, our pain will try to keep us from feeling the joy God has blessed us with. His blessings aren’t necessarily always dependent on our actions, but simply on His loving generosity and timing. 

Kind Regards

Billy Sigudla

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