Kingdom Focus

A Kingdom Focus

The story is told about a young boy who lost his contact lens one day. In trying to put it in, the contact had fallen onto the floor of the bathroom. The young boy got down on his hands and knees as he attempted to locate the contact lens. After a few minutes, his mom walked in and saw what he was doing.

The boy told his mom what had happened, and she knelt down, looked around and then quickly spotted the contact. Handing it to her son, he asked with a surprised look on his face, “How did you find my contact so fast? I’ve been looking for at least ten minutes!

To which his mom replied, Oh, that’s easy. You were looking for a contact. I was looking for R2000. That makes a big difference!

Your focus is often determined by your need. If the young boy hadn’t found the contact, he knew his mom would somehow find a way to replace it. But his mom knew that if she didn’t locate the contact, she would be out their grocery money for the next week. This awareness of how critical it was to locate the contact heightened her ability to focus. As a result, she found exactly what she was looking for.

Focus in our lives makes just as much difference as well. If we are busy focusing on external frivolities or personal ambitions rather than on the kingdom of God itself, we will wind up missing not only God’s kingdom but all of the other things we had hoped to attain in life too. Therefore, our focus must always be on His kingdom

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