Minister Lebo Sekgobela Rebuilding walls Tour at Petoria State Theatre | Concert ReviewBy: Billy Sigudla Friday, 11/11/2022

Minister Lebo Sekgobela Rebuilding walls Tour at Petoria State Theatre | Concert Review

By: Billy Sigudla Friday, 11/11/2022

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From the moment minister Lebo Sekgobela walked on stage until after the exit of the last song , multiple award-winning South African singer-songwriter Lebo Sekgobela, captured the attention of the crowd at her last leg of Rebuilding walls Tour November 11 concert at the Pretoria State Theatre, Opera Theatre . Backed by a 5 piece band, Sekgobela’s anointed voice powerfully filled the room for almost five hours of one women show. It was easy to turn off the outside world with all its troubles and fall under Sekgobela’s captivating anointed voice into her praise and worship world with songs.

Performing a selection of songs from all her different albums, Sekgobela opened with the a praise song “ O Modimo wa Lesedi”, with the first note immediately demonstrating his rich, deep voice. This opening song, about the courage and strength that God offers us, by showing us the light from the darkness this song set the scene for the praise and worship of the evening.

Minister Sekgobela made an announcement that from the 1st April 2023
rebuilding walls in Kimberly will be free a the concert officialy start 

With her powerful, yet warm voice she delivered “Holy is the Lord”, a song about a leader wanting to visit the afflicted, lonely, lost souls – and to care for them – rather than be enthralled with gilded houses and shiny sidewalks. We can’t help but agree, isn’t that how we want leaders to be? His voice is authentic, with pure and clear tone, portraying an honest beauty as she holds on to notes.

Sekgobela owned the stage, comfortable as she stood in front of the microphone to deliver his message. By not holding the microphone, his hands and arms are free to express more feeling to his performance. She kept the in-between song banter to a minimum, except when setting up “Liquid Spirit”; then he spoke of liking Montreal, its mild-manneredd people, with a good vibe and good spirit. He then proceeded to bring the good vibe home to the audience, getting us to clap-along, energizing us, and including us in his gospel of song.

Porter as I call her due to the way Lebo molds her magical voice knows who she is and knows his voice. She is charismatic and confident. She masters rhythm and phrasing, with perfect pitch and control. Having sung for almost 5 hours, every moment, every song, every note was exquisite, as was the music and synergy from the band, all perfectly balanced for the crystal-clear acoustics of the Opera Theatre.

Sekgobela’s music is of truth, hope and love, and his storytelling is engaging the audience of the Love the Jesus Christ has for us While many, if not most, Gospel vocalist cover standards, or revamp gospel songs , Sekgobela wrote most the songs she performed tonight. These songs are personal, heartfelt stories; the lyrics are delivered with compassion. She sings from her soul, from her testimony of what the Lord has done in her life , especially her health complications. A she sang kabelo Yaka Entle  Minister Sekgobela giving more information of concerning her health testimony: She share to the crowd that she consultef a medical Dr & was supposed to do operation but she said by faith she will skip it and professed that she is healed and I will continue to minister the gospel by singing is her calling this was her response to her doctor when she advised her to stop dancing for God as she normaly does barefoot on the stage.

Sharing his message and his truth, in a gospel-like way, he sings, we listen, we clap, we hear, we hope. She sang Kabelo Yaka Entle

One Gospel made an special announcement that they are in partnership with Minister Lebo Sekgobela at the Pretoria State Theatre and encouraged the crowd to join the team in the foyer for interview in 15 years One Gospel birthday celebration of sharing the platform for Gospel artist to perform on their television channel and they hopped in the rebuilding walls tour wargon as it aligned with their vision.

Lebo sang Igama after she went for a break and she came refreshed and with changed outfit

Lebo called her husband and thanked her for always supporting her vision

Lebo sang Thato Ya Gao e phetege introducing a guest artist to sing in vhenda the same song

Lebo sang Moya wami

Lebo sang Nyakalla fatsheng lotlhe

Lebo Sang sefapanong ke boha. Wena lefika laka

Lebo sang Haleluyah Mdumiseni
Lebo sang Theko ya lona
Lebo Sang Kelela Moya

In the end, Lebo came back on stage for las hot number. One last song to sing, one last message, one last story to share: “Ke lela Moya”, his spiritual lesson for us. As she left the stage, the audience rose again with a standing ovation, the room full of love for Minister Lebo Sekgobela

The end
Lion of Judah hit song bonus

Siphiwe Billy Sigudla Executive Editor Christian Posts

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