Eternal Realm

Did you know that you are living in an eternal realm now?

Through the redemption of Christ, your adoption into God’s family, and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, you are living in the future Kingdom inheritance promised to those who believe in Jesus.

God has taken the initiative through Jesus; the Spirit is part of the promised future meeting us now in the present. The Spirit is a sign that one day we shall fully possess our inheritance—the already and not yet of the Kingdom.

You and I have been marked by God, sealed securely by Him in Christ who is always our yes! Further, the Holy Spirit has been given as a deposit, down payment money, a first installment—which guarantees full inheritance when the whole is paid later! The Holy Spirit is partial payment or pledge of our future joys and bliss in heaven! The Holy Spirit gives a foretaste—a guarantee—of things to come!

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