Make Room for Change

Jesus was not of a noble family or even a great city. Isaiah 53:2 calls Jesus a root out of dry ground, not needing the perfect circumstances to move in your life. You may be facing adversity or had a bad upbringing, but it does not have to determine the outcome of your life. God is not moved by the unfavorable conditions we struggle with; He can do the miraculous even in the driest places.

Isaiah 53:2-3; John 1:46

  1. God doesn’t play fair. He needs nothing outside of Himself to thrive. If you put Jesus into your dry, barren, and fruitless life, He will still grow; the soil of your life does not contribute anything. 
  2. Adverse conditions do not have to determine the outcome of your life.Plant God’s Word in your life and it will start growing, despite what you have been through. You can plant Jesus in any adverse circumstances, and he will still grow. 
  3. When you plant Jesus into your life, bad things pour out. Like dropping a cinderblock into a bucket of water, when you plant Jesus into your life, sin, addiction, and anything else that does not belong leaves.

It is no secret what God can do. God does not need the perfect circumstances in your life to do the miraculous. If you plant Jesus in your life or situation, He will grow, despite any adverse circumstances. And, as he does, you will be transformed. Will you plant Jesus into your life today? Will you plant him in what you are going through?

Billy Sigudla

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