The blood of Jesus

If you believe The blood of Jesus covers your sin from the eyes of God,you will not be able to find it in the scripture. If you believe Those who die in their sin will go to heaven if they have believed in Christ, you will not find it in the scripture. If you believe the redeemed are still sinners who sin every day,you will not find it in the scripture. These things are fables. They are just made up,but people with itching ear syndrome love to hear it.
Jesus Christ died on the cross and shed his blood to deliver you from the power and presence of sin. Romans 6:22. Anything which denies this freedom cannot be the gospel of Christ because Jesus himself told us the truth shall make you free. John 8:32. Why does this message of freedom from sin through Jesus Christ so disturb the hearts of many who hear it? The simple answer may be that it strips us of all excuse. If Jesus suffered and died to make us free, then the only reason for a person to be in the bondage of sin is either they have not heard, or they will not believe. Jesus confirms this, saying, the Comforter would reprove the world …of sin, because they believe not on me. John 16:7-9. Itching ear syndrome will always cause a person to reject the truth and choose a fable,thereby condemning themselves to continue in sin’s bondage.
Do not believe God because he has spoken something you like to hear, but rather believe God regardless of what he has spoken! If you seek to pick and choose what to believe, you will make all his word of none effect.Mark 7:13. It is important to remember that whatever God speaks, he speaks for your profit. Even his reproof is for your good. Hide his word in your heart and believe it for exactly what it says. If it breaks your heart, it will also mend it. If it tears you down, it will also lift you up. If it reproves your sin, it will also make you free! John 8:32.


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