Let it go

There is nothing too hard for God, it’s just hard for us sometimes to let things and people completely go. When we completely let something or someone go, it can no longer vex you, stress you, or hurt you. How can anything get to you, if Yahweh is holding it in his hands? IMPOSSIBLE. When you have completely let something go, it has to get through Jesus first, before it can get to you.

Lord, I completely let it go, so you can completely work it out. I completely exchange it for You. Completely, Lord…and it came to pass, when I completely let it go…and that’s when he blessed me, when I completely let it go…and all my anguish and fears subsided, when I completely let it go.

O Sovereign Lord! You made the heavens and earth by your strong hand and powerful arm. AND THERE IS NOTHING TOO HARD FOR YOU (Jeremiah 32:


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