An introduction to Total Sports Two Oceans Training

I am writing to introduce you to the Total Sports Two Oceans Training that has been organised recently. As I am sure you are aware, the event will provide runners with an opportunity to adequately prepare themselves for the main event.

This article will provide an overview of the training sessions, as well as insights into how participants experienced the offering. I believe this is an important aspect to consider, as it will enable people to make a more informed decision regarding the event.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the article.



Two Oceans training sessions in preperation for the main event on 15 -16 April 2023 By Billy Sigudla, Christian Posts Exeutive Editor

                                       Running focus, Buid up into the main event 

Despite extensive discussions, the two Oceans’s management remained firm in their decision that the Ultra race will be in Saturday and half Marathon will be on Sunday.

These things come our way, but when one door closes, another door opens. When COVID was happening, we were not able to meet one year for the event as it had to be ancelled due to restriction of events, I also got refunded but the following year I managed to run and I also published the article covering the event.

The reminder of the article will be shared by twitter feeds generated during the training sessions:

The following report is from the last Total Sports Two Oceans Marathon held at Newlands, Cape Town . Venue was Sports Science Institute of South Africa

Tasha with Supplements advertising after she did the 24km Total Sports Two Oceans training . Only included a section of her advertisement as to make awareness of her offering. Please look for her at the Total Sports Two Oceans Marathon Training.

This is the start and finish point at Newlands where after the race there was a planned Stretching exercise session lead by Strec


Best regards,
[Billy Sigudla, Executive Editor-Christian Posts]

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