Experiencing Inner Peace

Remembering that God’s in control is the key to a calm heart.

Have you ever fallen asleep on a long trip? Jesus did. Luke tells us that one time Jesus and the disciples got on a boat to reach the other side of a lake, and Jesus fell asleep. The next thing the disciples knew, they were engulfed in a storm, and the one person powerful enough to protect them was blissfully unaware. The disciples panicked and woke Him.

Jesus has promised to give us His peace (John14:27)—this is the very same peace that enabled Him to sleep through a storm. Without His tranquility, we feel helpless and afraid like the disciples. But with it, we can experience inner calm in the midst of hardship.

Believing in God’s sovereignty is the key to a peaceful heart. In their panic, the disciples believed that a sleeping Jesus wasn’t in control of their circumstances. But we must remember that He is always in control—even in times of difficulty. When we rest in the knowledge that God is in charge, we can exchange anxiety for peace. 

Jesus doesn’t want us to be weighed down by fear. He wants to share His peace with us. Are you trusting in His control?


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