The Power of Words

Then God said, Let there be light; and there was light. – Genesis 1:3

A simple utterance was all it took for God to bring light to this world. It was just four simple words. This is a twofold revelation. First, God is able to bring His light into every aspect of our lives if we submit to Him and walk according to His ways. Remember, God only used four words to revolutionize the world, so it will not take Him a long time to bring light into any dark situation in our lives. Once we have received His light, we should allow it to radiate for everyone around us to see and benefit. Second, always remember the words we use affect our situations and prayer is powerful. We need to carefully guard our tongues to ensure we are always speaking positively regardless of the tempests in life that we face. We are made in the image of the Lord, and our words should mirror those of our Heavenly Father.


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