I would like to give you the following advise:
Please listen to your body at all times, especially we runners because normally we think we are immune to sicknesses. Never continue with anything if your body is in disagreement with what you want to do. Stop immediately and seek medical attention. Please don’t ignore, i.e.:
-Chest pains (random sharp pains)
-Shortness of breath (especially at night)
-Low blood pressure
-Constant cough (cough that doesn’t go away)
-Blouted stomach,

Please STOP immediately and Never gamble with your lives. A condition called Pericardial Effusion, see attached, might be at play. This is what I am going through as we speak.

The unfortunate thing about this sickness is that some doctors and X-rays are not able to detect it and in some instances it might lead to wrong diagnosis. Antibiotics might be prescribed and this will only hide this sickness for few day or weeks.

It is advisable to consult with a physician who will conduct tests such as CT & MRI scan, ECG, etc.

Please share this information, particularly with fellow runners because I feel they are the ones to be possibly affected by such a condition because of the intensity of our involvement.

I am sharing this information because I am testimony to this and am admitted for the second time. I am imagining if My physician didn’t discover this, because it was discovered 3 days before Two Oceans, where I was due for my Blue Number. If I was not fortunate, I might have ran my last race on this earth on the 15 April 2023.

I am sharing this to save someone’s life and it’s your turn to do same, by sharing it further.

By: Jabulane Ndlambe

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