Because of His great love for us, God made a way for us to know Him personally.

God is just. What this communicates is that He’s true to His own principles. It also means that God, who is holy and perfect, cannot be one with a sinner. Instead, the soul who sins will die (Ezek. 18:4). It’s a frightening thought for imperfect people like us, isn’t it?

That’s why our heavenly Father provided a solution for all mankind. Jesus Christ, who was sinless, took our sin upon Himself and died in our place—so that we could be reunited with our Creator. The Lord continues to be just and holy, and we are declared a righteous child of God. As Paul wrote to the Romans, our Father is just and the justifier of the one who has faith in Jesus (Rom. 3:26).

Notice that our righteousness and unity with God has nothing to do with our efforts—it was a gracious and merciful decision made by the Lord. Our good works will not earn the Lord’s favor, because every person inevitably sins. But Jesus’ death made it possible for those who believe in Him to have a relationship with the Creator. In the end, it’s because of God’s justice and mercy that we could be reunited with Him


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