When I went to the @CTMarathon I had the idea of running in the outdoors.The meeting people at the expo was revitalizing and humbling . Look fun was had . Imagine what it will be like tomorrow constantly checking my @Strava watch tomorrow #CTMarathon #CapetoCabot2021 #CTM2021

I am here for comrades Marathon qualifying race time 04:50 that’s all and celebrate running 🏃‍♂️

When I went to the @CTMarathon I had the idea of running in outdoorstired of the virtual races and look I came up with #CTMarathonJive #CTMarathonchallenge.Imagine what it will be like tomorrow constantly checking my @Strava watch tomorrow.#CTMarathon #CapetoCabot2021 #CTM2021

Thanks to @slowmagsa for making sure I am ready.
When I went to the @CTMarathon I had the idea of running in outdoorstired of the virtual races and look I came up with #CTMarathonJive #CTMarathonchallenge.Imagine what it will be like tomorrow constantly checking my @Strava watch tomorrow.#CTMarathon #CapetoCabot2021 #CTM2021

CTMarathon Jive

Bite Your Tongue

I tell you, on the day of judgment you will have to give an account for every careless word you utter; for by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned. – Matthew: 12:36-37

Our tongue is probably one of the most intricate weapons ever made. It can trigger some pretty amazing results at any given time. It can hurl insults from out of nowhere, it can pierce a heart from any distance, it can knock out a person’s self-esteem in a flash, and it can blow apart relationships at lightning speed. There is that old saying, “sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” The truth is they do hurt. In fact, they can hurt a lot. Learn to walk away in the heat of the moment. Pray about the words that come out of your mouth. Remember that once your words are spoken, they cannot be taken back. The hurt inflicted by your tongue can last a lifetime, so be very careful about what you say. Like the verse above says: “on the day of judgment you will have to give an account for every careless word you utter.” Only you can make the choice of using your tongue as a weapon or using it for good, as God wants us to.


There are 8 elements common to answered prayers that we do not see in the Greek mythos.

Eos fell in love with the mortal man, Tithonus, and asked Zeus to make him immortal. Zeus granted the request—with a catch. Eos forgot to specify her request as wanting eternal youth for her beau. So Tithonus did live forever but kept aging until he was so old that he couldn’t move or think and just lay still, babbling in dementia forever.

Another character, Chiron, learned from Eos’s mistake and asked for eternal youth and immortality, but forgot to include in his request immunity from pain. He was shot with a poisoned arrow that couldn’t kill him, so he endured the perpetual agony of dying without escape in death.

On another occasion, Midas was granted his wish to be able to turn whatever he touched into pure gold, and Midas immediately went to work creating a vast treasure of golden objects. But then he became hungry and sat down to eat. His food grew rigid and his drink hardened into golden ice. Midas realized he was starving to death and also that he would never embrace his wife or daughter again.

The fictitious gods of the Greek pantheon were unbelievably capricious and vindictive. The true and living God of the Bible is the exact opposite.

Our God tells us what to ask for, and even when we ask amiss, he grants us only that which is good for us and for his glory. And that is why the longest and most comprehensive Psalm in the Bible is all about how we can love God’s law. Today we examine another stanza from Psalm 119 that tells us how to know what requests to make of God for answered prayers.

8 elements common to answered prayers…1. ANSWERED PRAYERS LEAD TO EDUCATION

Psalm 119:33  Teach me, O Lord, the way of your statutes; and I will keep it to the end.

If you ask God to make you godly, to teach you truth, and to grant you knowledge about him and his will and his ways…do you think he will answer that prayer? Of course he will. So pray, and then pursue that knowledge.

But notice the point of knowledge—obedience. If you don’t apply what you are learning you are missing the point of reading your Bible.

James 1:22  But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.

So, get a Bible reading plan, read your Bible, every day, and learn what God has to say.ANSWERED PRAYERS LEAD TO ILLUMINATION

Psalm 119:34  Give me understanding, that I may keep your law and observe it with my whole heart.

You can’t just read the Bible and hope to understand it, believe it, and apply it on your own. You need the help of the Holy Spirit.

John 16:13  When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth, …

I used to read the New Testament and scratch my head. I would read and have no idea what it meant. I fumbled clumsily from verse to verse, stubbing my toe on hidden gems, and bumping my head on obscured theological concepts. But when I got saved I perceived the meaning of Scripture like it was on display in a well-lit room. I started to understand it, find it precious, find it challenging, and find it enjoyable. The Holy Spirit had turned on the light.

Post tenebras lux, as the Reformers would say.

When you read your Bible, start by asking the Spirit to illuminate your mind.ANSWERED PRAYERS LEAD TO NAVIGATION

Psalm 119:35  Lead me in the path of your commandments, for I delight in it.

The Bible is a map and compass for navigating this life. It is like having a GPS navigation system as opposed to following your nose. Asking for wisdom is a request God always answers.

James 1:5 If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.

So ask God for wisdom, read your Bible, get counsel from godly leaders and friends, and know that this is how God wants to guide you.ANSWERED PRAYERS TAKE DETERMINATION

Psalm 119:36 Incline my heart to your testimonies, and not to selfish gain!

Here the psalmist is praying that God will help him love God over his selfish desire for increasing his net worth. This is a great prayer. There is nothing wrong with riches per se, but to be selfish with your riches is a sin.

So, you can give all your money away, or you can ask God to change your heart so that you are not selfish.

A generous rich person is a great blessing in a church, to his/her friends and family, in the community, and in the kingdom. If you give it all away, you are just one more poor person we need to look after.

But it doesn’t help to try keeping the commandments of God if your heart isn’t in it. You need to be sincere. You need to mean

Psalm 119:37 Turn my eyes from looking at worthless things; and give me life in your ways.

Disapprobation means disapproval of bad morals. The point is that it doesn’t help to know what God wants, and even to want what God wants, but then to immerse yourself in what God hates.

You might say, “I know lust is wrong,  I truly want to be pure in my thought life,” but then you watch movies with graphic scenes, you imbibe hours of lewd humor on sitcoms, and you marinate your mind in magazines that are plastered with air-brushed, scantily-clad women.

You can’t pursue God’s will without a commitment to avoid temptation.

If you want to become godly, ask God for what he wants to grant, that he helps you to turn your eyes away from worthless frivolity. ANSWERED PRAYERS PROVIDE VALIDATION

Psalm 119:38  Confirm to your servant your promise, that you may be feared.

One of the prayers God loves to answer is when you ask him simply to be true to his promises. We see Moses frequently praying to God simply that he keeps his covenant with Israel.  Joshua based his confidence in the conquest of Canaan on the promises of God to grant victory. That’s why he marched around Jericho instead of attacking the walls.

When God keeps a promise it provides validation for your faith. God loves to validate your faith in him. So pray for God to keep his promises.


Psalm 119:39 Turn away the reproach that I dread, for your rules are good.

We all dread receiving reproach. We fear an accusation that might ruin our reputation. But here the psalmist prays that God would turn the reproach away through his rules.

An example of this is seen in the qualifications of an elder…

Titus 1:6 if anyone is above reproach, the husband of one wife, and his children are believers [faithful] and not open to the charge of debauchery or insubordination.

To be above reproach doesn’t mean that no accusations of wrongdoing will ever come your way. It just means that the accusations don’t stick. The reproach may come, but it is deflected by a good reputation and actions and character.

Pray that God uses his rules to keep you above reproach.ANSWERED PRAYERS REQUIRE SALVATION

Psalm 119:40 Behold, I long for your precepts; in your righteousness give me life!

The ultimate request is for life. This is referring to life in abundance, including length of days on earth and eternal life in heaven.

It doesn’t help to know, understand and want God’s ways. It doesn’t help to have proof of God’s promises, and to enjoy the vindication of your reputation, but still not have real life.

You must be saved. And this is a request God loves to grant.

Rom 10:13 For “everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”

Asking God for these requests he promises to answer is a way of honoring him. He loves to answer them. So fill your prayers with requests God loves to answer, and you will know his blessing.

open letter to my daddy and congrats of being healed and collecting doctorate in theology from an American recognized university

I can confirm that my dad Vusimusi John Sigudla is healed. I am happy  as I saw him holding his #doctorateintheology my dad is a doctor #drvusimusijohnsigudla #ReverendJohnSigudla #ReverendDoctorVusimusiJohnSigudla and I can confirm he has healed my soul. I am healed we had a serious father son talk and I will for ever grateful for God to have given me the opportunity to sit down with one of the greatest #Theologians #TheologyGuru who even beat sickness🙏 . We had nice time together catching up and reminded me of all #ChristianPrinciples I need to abide by. I got a person lecture from his heart to me. I thank God for having save my dad from dying.  I wouldn’t have got the massive valuable #BiblicalTeachings #lifecoaching like 🤧😭😢😥😓🥺😭😭😭I thank mom Elsie Sigudla for being patient with me. Guys 👦 go home and speak to your parents when you get chance  no other one can give you life advices. I know I am selfish to spoil this moment of his celebration but I just could not let this opportunity to give a testimony of this great man alive. I am proud of my dad.🤧😷😭😭😭#JesusChristIsLord and he is coming back again . I wish someone reading here will also get an opportunity to turn their life for good😔 . Just remember we are #calledtoserve . I know who holds my future.  Jesus is the true living God. I saw Jesus in my dad. I love you dad 👨 papa ❤ ke a go rata. A modimo a tswelle go godirisa. 
Kind Regards,
Billy Sigudla

Indeed, all who want to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted. – 2 Timothy 3:12

Indeed, all who want to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted. – 2 Timothy 3:12

I was mistaken to think that after accepting Christ Jesus as my Lord and Savior and deciding to live a godly life that life was going to be easy. Doing what is right and being uncompromising can be unpopular. If you’re a new Believer and expect a trouble-free road ahead, you’re only fooling yourself. Be ready to be misinterpreted for doing good and standing up for what is right. Remember Jesus said, if the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first. (John 15:18) Apostle Paul himself faced persecution wherever he went, but also he knew that this was the price for following the Lord. So if you are facing persecution or judgment for following your faith, realize that Jesus did too, and you are following his path

The Lord is with me; I will not be afraid. What can man do to me? The Lord is with me; he is my helper.”PSALM 118:6-7

You may not see it, but there is a battle going on. A war of two worlds, fighting for your heart. On one side, there’s Satan and his army, working tirelessly to fill your heart with fear and anxiety. Draining you of your hope and faith in the promises of God, and fueling fear with lies and worries.

But as children of the most High, we have no reason to fear. We can’t allow the anxiety that fills our hearts to rob us of a full and happy existence. Jesus came so we would have life, and have it abundantly.

Anxiety has no bearing in a place where the Lord dwells. Satan has no hold on you, and his schemes are no match for the Lord your God who loves you and fights for you daily. 

Here are 5 Anxiety-Crushing Bible Verses That Will Stop Satan Dead in His Tracks


“The LORD is my light and my salvation; Whom shall I fear? The LORD is the defense of my life; Whom shall I dread?”


“The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet; The grace of our Lord Jesus be with you.”


“Cast your burden upon the LORD and He will sustain you; He will never allow the righteous to be shaken.”


“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.”


“I prayed to the Lord, and he answered me; he freed me from all my fears.”

My prayer today is that these verses would linger in our minds. Satan has no foothold where God’s children are speaking His Truths. Let us pray today, expectant. Knowing that God WILL move and He WILL answer.

The Power of Your Conscience

1 Timothy1:18-20

God gave us the gift of a conscience to act as a moral compass, but if we ignore it, we may suffer shipwreck. When writing to Timothy, Paul charged the young man to keep the truths of the faith and a good conscience. Ignoring either piece of advice could have put Timothy in danger.

The conscience is an inner monitor that judges our actions as right or wrong, but it is fallen and in need of redemption. Depending on how it’s been programmed, our moral compass even has the potential to nudge us in the wrong direction.

Paul himself is an illustration of this. His formal education as a Pharisee had taught him that Christians were a threat to God and the Jewish faith. His conscience had been programmed to see killing them as service to the Lord. So he passionately hunted believers down without a twinge of guilt. Only after Christ met him on the way to Damascus was his inner sense of right and wrong transformed and his life’s course altered.

We need the truths of faith to shape our conscience so we can trust it to lead us in the right direction. Take a moment to ask the Lord if anything is clouding your internal signals, and trust in His promise to make your path straight (Pro3:5-6).

As followers of Jesus, we have the right reason for not fitting in.

here are you from? Most of us have some place that feels like home—where we feel at ease and understood, no matter how long we’ve lived there or have been away. But from the time we trust in Christ, we become foreigners in this world. We might still have a place of comfort and loving relationships, but our citizenship is in heaven. Like a hungry traveler, we can appreciate a good meal, but there’s no place like home.

Matthew 6:9-33 


In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus taught His followers how to live, grow, and cope with difficulty. He shared the Beatitudes in the previous chapter and now speaks of practical matters, such as our prayer life and physical needs.


God knows what you need most each day.

In Matthew 6:9, Jesus refers to something obvious but full of significance: God is in heaven—while we, or at least our physical bodies, are not. This can feel like various things: an obstacle, a cause for legitimate lament, a comfort, a guiding force, or a source of hope. What is it for you today? Describe how this acknowledgement affects you when you pray.

Matthew 6:10 deepens the awareness that right now, heaven and earth are very different places. What would life be like if God’s kingdom and will were fully manifested here? How do you experience His kingdom already, in ways great or small?

When we were saved, God rescued us from the domain of darkness, and transferred us to the kingdom of His beloved Son (Col. 1:13). Through your birth in Christ, you dwell spiritually in God’s kingdom but are physically still in the world. This creates deep longing. Matthew 6:9-13 suggests Jesus sees our unbelonging as a defining characteristic of Christian life. Describe where your separation from the surrounding darkness is easy for you, and where it causes struggle. Take a moment to pray for grace and strength.

After establishing us as outsiders who seek the ways of heaven, the Lord’s Prayer makes several requests—Jesus’ recommendations for what we need on our sojourn here (Matt. 6:11-13). How do these help you understand your true needs and best focus for each day?

Christians dwell spiritually in God’s kingdom but remain physically in the world. This creates deep longing. CONTINUING THE STORY

Jesus gives advice on staying separate from the world.

Fasting, which is mentioned often in Scripture, was practiced by the Lord. (See Matt. 4:1-4.) It’s a powerful way to shift focus from the physical concerns of earthly life. It also carries spiritual rewards that we probably can’t imagine or understand until we try it (Matt. 6:18). Have you ever fasted as part of your prayer life? Consider whether God is calling you to this practice. If health or other concerns prevent fasting from food, ask Him to reveal another way of drawing near to Him.

Jesus encourages us to store up heavenly, not earthly, treasure (Matt. 6:19-21), and He makes a strong distinction: Serve God or worldly wealth (Matt. 6:24). Make a simple life assessment: Where is most of your treasure? Ask the Holy Spirit to help you correctly identify earthly and heavenly wealth.


The Word of the Lord is a lamp for your feet (Psalm 119:105).

Walking between two worlds means yearning for home, resisting distraction, and making hard choices. But if you stay clear-sighted, the heavenly light within you will be strong as you journey to God’s dwelling place (Matt. 6:22). Follow Jesus’ words and you might help others see through the darkness, too.


Consider further aspects of the passage.

Fasting carries spiritual rewards that we probably can’t imagine or understand until we try it.

Seeing the profound differences between this world and heaven is helpful. But let’s also remember that after completing His vast creation, God declared everything He made was good. And despite being corrupted by sin, the world can still be enjoyed in a way that glorifies God (1 Tim. 6:17). Some tangibles, such as the bread and wine or waters of baptism, are beautiful spiritual experiences that keep our minds on things above (Col. 3:2) and draw us deeply into heavenly life. Others are simple bodily necessities or delightful aspects of God’s creativity. We find wisdom when we enjoy such blessings as they arrive, without becoming engulfed in desire for them.

Since the start of the church, some people have been misled into thinking material things are inherently evil, but that’s not true. In Matthew 6:25-33, how do Jesus’ words model appreciation for material goods, without greed?

Jesus is fully man and fully God (Phil. 2:7-8; Col. 2:9). Theologians call this the hypostatic union because it’s the union of two substances, or hypostases: the human and the divine. In a sense, it means Jesus also walks between two worlds. How does this mystery of faith affect your relationship with Him? Hebrews 4:15 says Jesus can sympathize with our weaknesses, though He never sinned. What, then, can you share with Him, knowing He will understand?

Citizenship in God’s coming kingdom is cause for joy and hope. Keep your heart set on the road to your eternal home. It’s better than anything you could ask or think