Chains Broken right now. Shalom.

I see the chains failing

I had a prophetic vision of a heart breaking and bursting forth, out of these huge clutches (representing the enemy).

God is breaking you out of the clutches of your past. The places where you were held captive in your mind. (God is giving you freeing thoughts.) The places in your emotions that were taken advantage of by the enemy. (God is healing the memories.) A breaking out of the mold or box that the enemy formed for you. (God is loosing you into destiny.)

The spirit of Pharoah has been broken over you, you will complete the tasks, you will fulfill the call, and you will go further than your past. The sweet oil of my presence is healing what words can’t convey. I am the Heart-Changer, and I’m causing your heart to break out of walls of trauma, walls of fear, walls of hurt, walls of deception, and walls of the past. Breakout into Freedom.