We continue with spiritual warfare. It is very bad if you don’t know your enemy. We must know our
strategies but also we need to know the strength of the enemy we fight with. You are a very weak army if
you don’t know the strength of your enemy. As people called by the name of the Lord, we are like spies of
the kingdom of the living God. Always know about the spiritual mapping of the area you come from.
Always know what the devil is doing alongside with what God is doing. If you keep informed about his
devices, you can come against them. But you will not be beating around the bush. You will be destroying
his targets. Let us pray for protection upon us for we are touching a sensitive area.
We said in the last lesson that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against spiritual wickedness,
principalities, powers and the rulers of darkness. We saw that the principalities are fallen angels, which
work with the devil, and they rule over bigger regions, districts and continents. We saw that there are
some other smaller hierarchies below these. These are the spiritual wickedness. These we saw that their
work is to develop every wickedness we see everywhere. Then the rulers of darkness blind the eyes of
people so that they don’t see the truth. And we saw powers. These are forces that make people to do
things that are wicked. It is like a government in the kingdom of the devil.
We see that after Jesus defeated the devil and demon gods on the cross He went to hell and removed
the keys of death and Hades, the devil and his demon gods went up in the sky and made a firmament.
There is a firmament, which is like a blanket covering the nations of the world. The aspect of the devil is
that they may destroy the fellowship and relationship with people and God. In Isaiah 25.7 it talks about
the firmament or the covering that veils the nations. This shroud is cast by the devil and his hordes of
demon gods. God will destroy it one day even as Isaiah prophesied it.
Above it, (i.e. is the fig above), the spiritual wickedness powers and principalities who act as agents of the
devil and are always above the firmament. These try to withhold our prayers to go through but they have
lesser devils who work here on earth. Some rule where there are sacred stones, others in big trees,
Holes in pillar
Born again family
John –
Jane – Christian
with unbroken
relationship with
Open heavens, & divine
protection, pillar of fire
On mountain
Demon Gods incl. principalities, powers,
rulers of darkness, wicked spirits
Non- believers
Under big
others in rivers, others on mountain tops, others in valleys and others work using idols, tree stumps, at
cross roads etc. Everywhere the priesthoods of the devil give sacrifices.
We saw that the devil cannot rule over the area unless he has a covenant with the people of that area.
We saw that in Daniel, when the angel brought a message to Daniel, he revealed what was happening in
the spiritual realm. He said “on the day you sought your heart to seek God I was sent with your message
but I have been withheld for 21 days by the prince of Persia – but also the ruling kingdom down here were
the Medes and Persians. There was a connection there.
If God sees that an area has the priesthood of the enemy taking hold of the area, where you find that
people are under the rulership of the kingdom of darkness, always, God will make sure He will find a
person who will stand for the kingdom of God. That is why He said in Ezekiel 2230 I looked for a man
willing to stand in the gap. Where there is darkness ruling over villages and towns, God brings people
from different areas, some come in marriage, some looking for work, but in any way God is bringing them
in an area where He wants to use them as a point of contact in dealing with spiritual powers in that area.
So brothers and sisters you find that you were not born here, you may have come from different areas of
the nation, but God brought you to the place you are for a purpose.
If someone comes in that area, he is a born again Christian and uses his/her heart to God you find that
there is a pillar of fire that comes upon your life. This acts as your protection against the powers ruling
over the area. If that pillar is around you, you find that it goes through the firmament. If you develop your
lifestyle of prayer so that it becomes a discipline and you let your heart become a prayer altar so that
whenever you are, the heart is still praying when others are conversing your heart is always conversing
with God, you are keeping up the fire so that the firmament won’t come back and block your prayers.
John the Baptist said “I baptize you with water, but behind me is coming One who will baptize you with
the Holy Spirit and fire”. As we go on seeking God He baptizes us with the Holy Spirit and fire; and you
find that this fire continues to consume our sinful nature. We find that if we start to pray, in an area that
has been blocked by a firmament; and you have the right fellowship and relationship with God; your
prayer acts like fire in this firmament. It is like bringing cooking fat near fire, it starts melting. It is the same
thing when we yield our hearts to God. When we go back and check our heart and we let go of malice
jealousy, anger etc and our hearts are clean before God, we find that because of that fellowship and
relationship, as we pray, the fire of prayer makes the firmament melt away and gives way. Even these
spiritual wickedness, rulers etc will have to run away because they cannot sustain the fire.
You find that the moment you become born again, you are given an angel to minister to you. This angel
passes through this pillar of prayer to bring messages to you. The moment you keep up your fellowship
and relationship with God, the more you receive answers. That is why we find many today asking “why is
it that when so and so prays they receive, but I have taken years praying for this but it does not come to
pass?” Maybe the time for that has not come but another thing is that maybe you don’t keep your
passage open by an unbroken relationship with God.
Your angel is dressed the same as you put on in the spiritual realm. We are not talking about that now. It
takes an entire seminar. However, Paul talks in Ephesians 6:13- that we should put on the full armor of
Put on the helmet of salvation, the boots of truth, breastplate of righteousness, holding the shield of faith,
and the word of God as the sword of the Spirit and pray from your mouth in supplication. As you put these
on, also your angel wears as you are wearing and he is already there to serve you. As you move in the
land you go with your presence. The pillar of fire is around you and one thing you are doing, you are
bringing chaos in the kingdom of the enemy. As you move, your pillar goes on piercing the firmament.
That is why I told you wherever you are, keep your heart yielded to God, continue with prayer as you are
in your car keep praying. As you go around, as you dig, wash plates etc let your heart keep bubbling up
prayer. Even if you are doing anything you can pray. That is why God gave us the spiritual language.
Many people don’t want to pray in different tongues. Even when we come to church, they feel ashamed; “I
don’t want this one to hear”, but brothers and sisters, these are mysteries the devil wont even understand
and they keep your passage open.
If you go back in your family and start prayer altars, the pillar becomes bigger. In the illustration, there is a
family of born again Christians where they have a family prayer altar every evening lets assume. Before
sleeping and maybe in the morning they pray together. You find that everyone in your family has a
ministering angel. So as we come together as family and create a bigger opening, we are allowing many
angels to be coming.
Put this in your life, the angel won’t move unless we Christians pray and they cannot pass through that
firmament. The Bible says, “Aren’t the angels ministering spirits?” That is why without you God can do
nothing. Without Him we can do nothing. We cannot receive from God unless we cultivate our hearts to
be praying people.
Angels bring protection over the family. They bring messages because there are free openings in heaven.
That is why we saw that when Jacob was at Bethel, Abraham had set up an altar in that place; even after
some years there were open heavens; and you find that angels were descending and ascending. It was
free for them to move around. God could talk to a sinner like Jacob there. If you can just pray and keep
your hearts yielded to God even before we can go to minister to these people because of the free heaven
above, you find that God will convict people of their sinful lives. Many will come to church repenting.
Some will be crying in their beds asking what they can do so that by the time we go to evangelize, it is
already done in the spirit realm. Praise God.
Let us look at John in the illustration. One day he was a born again Christian. Somehow somewhere in
his walk, he got something that hit his heart. Maybe there was someone who talked about him and it was
lies, and he heard bitterness in his heart. He says, “I will not forgive that person”. When you do that, even
when you start to pray, that fire will be quenched by the sin that has entered in your heart. It is prayer
from your heart that can open up the firmament. You find that slowly by slowly, these spiritual wickedness
and principalities slowly start bringing back the firmament in your life. That is why you need to be very
careful that whatever circumstance and situation, the devil can use anyone to bring hurt to you. If you are
not alert and allow it to enter your life, your prayers are no more effective. They are not still fiery. You
bubble out words from lip service. Where true prayer is coming from has been corrupted by sin and the
devil will bring back the firmament above you.
That is why most people today, say, “last year, two years ago I was praying and I could feel the presence
of God. I could feel I touched the heart of God, but today as I pray I feel that my prayers are bouncing
back. I don’t know what is happening.” It is like smoke coming up. And when it reaches the firmament it
just spreads beneath it because it cannot go through, as it is not hot enough. So be very careful. The
devil is fighting for your passage to be closed. If it goes on like that, the Holy Spirit will come and convict
you “please John, forgive and forget”. If you refuse, even your pillar and protection starts to have holes
and the demon gods start throwing things through the walls upon your life. The prayer life goes, when you
pray you start sleeping, when you read the bible you start sleeping, you sleep even when the sermon is
going on. You have been overcome. Why? There is something you are harboring in your heart. Your
prayers cannot go through.
Make sure you set up time for praying. If you don’t do that, the moment you say, “We are going to pray,”
the devil will bring slumbering, and you feel “oh today I feel tired, I will pray tomorrow.” If you don’t keep
this as a discipline, slowly the devil will come and bring back the firmament.
And let me tell you this, if you have asked for anything from God, that is where the most spiritual warfare
is. Let me tell you, you are a married woman. You want a child from God, and then one morning you say
“but God I feel I touch Your heart when I pray, but God I want a child. A baby girl please God give it to
me.” Your angel is there to minister to you. He say’s “okay Joyce wants a baby.” Then he runs to God and
says, “I have been sent. Your daughter wants a baby. They need it. I want to take it.” Then as the angel
has gone, the devil will try to see that he fights you from every corner. It may come from a neighbor
bringing harsh words in the morning, your boss, your husband, etc and you find you are disturbed. If you
are not alert in the spiritual and you keep resentment in your heart, and you wonder “I felt the presence of
God and I even asked for something, and I felt God was answering my prayer, but where is all this chaos
The devil wants you to lose your contact through the day. If you do that, slowly he comes back because
your heart has been wounded with words, he closes and waits for your angel to come. So here comes
your angel with your baby but on arrival he finds the firmament closed. Remember your angel is dressed
as you. For instance you are good Christian, you are truthful, and have belt of truth, you are saved so you
have your helmet, you walk righteously, and have breastplate of righteousness and you read the word of
God so you have the sword of the spirit, and with faith you move, but you refuse to preach the gospel of
peace i.e. sharing the word with others in any forum. So you are well dressed in the spiritual but you don’t
have shoes.
You are there, smart and ready for war, and your angel is dressed in exactly the same armour as you
have on. The demon will look at you. He is not looking at your angel. He looks at how you are dressed in
the spirit and will use the same weapons you are not wearing to fight your angel. He will bring fire in the
spiritual realm. So the angel is holding the baby trying to fight with the sword, but because there is
somewhere you lack armoury and because of the fire on his feet, he will be shifting his feet trying to fight
but he will not give up the baby. He will try to put on armour and fight back but also tell the Holy Spirit
“please tell Joyce to pray, tell her I am coming with her prayer request.
Maybe during the night as you are sleeping, around 3.00a.m you feel something shaking you. Something
bangs on the roof, you wake up, and you wonder “why am I awake?” You feel something telling you
“pray”, and you say, “It is not time. I will go to morning devotion, I feel tired. God you know I was busy
yesterday.” You have not helped your angel. Because the war is going on and if you pray and repent, the
firmament will give way and he comes.
How many times has the Holy Spirit called you to pray and you refused? You feel during the day you are
uneasy, awake, “maybe today I take a fast but no, it is Thursday I will do that on Monday when the week
is starting”. We always postpone God. “On the weekend we will have a barbeque so I will do it on
Monday”. If you don’t pray these demon gods in the spirit bind your angel, take him as captive, and
remove the gift baby from him. Those are the babies and wealth you find, are got from the witchdoctors in
the shrines. Those are the riches they get from witches. The devil has nothing he can create. Those are
blessings for Christians who are not alert, and you find that other people say “we got a baby”’ and you are
here crying, “oh God I asked for one”. Because you do not keep your opening, you lose many things in
the spiritual.
Repent before God for whenever He has been calling you to come up and pray and you have been
refusing and go on asking God to give you grace whenever you pray, to know what is going on in the
spiritual realm. Maybe there is something good and the devil is fighting it.
Now you have legal ground to break every firmament that is blocking your prayer. Call upon the fire of
God to burn the firmament.
Pray that the fire of prayer will be continually burning in your life