Waiting upon the Lord is no more, we all want what we want now and we demand what we want from God forcefully. Many Christian casualties today is because of lack of patience. When Christians are told about waiting, it is interpreted as “I am hated and they do not recognise me as a person.” Jesus says during our Bible study Matthew 6:26 God is able to feed the birds … How can then your Father, your God forget you since you are more important than these birds. [Paraphrased.]

Waiting safeguard us from receiving fake things that looks genuine.

The art of waiting will tell you and expose those who are fake. Fake is almost the same; texture will only tell you the genuine money note. Ask those who works at the Bank and they know what I am talking about. This is indeed the same thing in the ministry. Ministry is not good preaching, but good eatable Character, and humility.


Please know your anointing, what are you anointed for, since David knew that he was appointed to be the next king of Israel not while Saul was still alive and he had to wait until the death of Saul. This is what I call waiting upon the Lord. ISAIAH 40:30-31

A waiting period is very important after the anointing. After the process of waiting which is determined by God through your obedience and dedication, and then comes appointment which we call ordination.

  • Joseph waited for 13 years after he realized that he was a dreamer.
  • When Jacob looked at Joseph, he saw a good son; hence he made him the rope of many colours.
  • When Joseph’s brothers looked at Joseph, they saw a useless dreamer; hence they hated him and isolated themselves from Joseph.
  • When the travellers saw Joseph, they saw a slave; hence they bought him to be further sold for a profit.
  • When Pharaoh saw Joseph, he saw a responsible organizer; hence he bought him to take care of his whole estate.
  • When Pharaoh nameless wife saw Joseph, he saw a potential boyfriend; hence she tried to lead Joseph to sin.
  • When the jailors saw Joseph, they saw a rapist as it was declared that he wanted to rape the nameless pharaoh’s wife.
  • When God looked at Joseph, he saw a Prime minister of Egypt in training and in waiting.

What do people see in you? Forget what the people see in you, but be concerned about what God sees in you. You are the soon Coming…

  • President of South Africa.
  • Soon coming Engineer
  • Soon coming great Evangelist
  • Soon coming Supermarket owner.
  • Soon coming medical Doctor.
  • You are the soon coming minister of Finances of South Africa.
  • You are the soon coming Mall owner
  • You are the soon coming motor garage and filling station owner.
  • You are the soon coming greatest prophet, Apostle and Pastor.
  • You are the soon coming South Africa Ambassador outside South Africa
  • You are the soon coming Mrs. So and so and the Father of So and So.
  • You are indeed the soon coming somebody…

Therefore wait upon the Lord, Isaiah 40:30-31

  • Moses waited for 40 years in the wilderness, before he can start leading the Israelites out of Egypt.
  • The Israelites went around the Jericho wall for seven days; then the wall came down crumbling, it was not all of a sudden.
  • Jacob worked for his wives for 14 years each 7 years.
  • Nelson Mandela waited for 27 years before he became the first black President of South Africa.
  • Abraham waited for many years before Isaac was presented.
  • David waited until Saul’s death before he could take over the leadership while he was long anointed the second king of Israel.
  • Jesus waited for 30 years after he was discovered that he was for the business of God at 12 years.
  • The early saints died while waiting … Hebrews 11:13

Waiting is costly and demanding

Waiting need lot of patience and longsuffering

Waiting is individualistic and not a group thing.

Waiting is a big challenge since others will be laughing at you.

Waiting has no age limit; we are all called to wait upon the Lord.

Waiting has no status

Waiting has nothing to do with how much money do you have.

Waiting is beyond any colour of skin, and educational achievements.


Remember those who failed to wait in the Work of the Lord.

Samson failed and lost his eyes.

Aaron failed and made a gold calf

Cain failed and killed his brother Abel.

Eve failed by not consulting God and she listened to the snake and today we are still suffering the outcome of that disobedience.

Peter failed to wait upon the Lord and chopped the ear of Malchus.

One of the sinners on the cross failed by ridiculing Jesus and he died without salvation.

Many pastors failed God by lack of waiting upon the Lord; they lied to people and robbed their member’s lot of money. They stole their members cars because of lack of waiting upon the Lord.

Many Pastors sold their souls by failing to wait upon the Lord because of the Love of Money, love of Wealth and Love of women and Love of Fame.

Fast life is very dangerous, as it make me not to depend upon God.

These are the last days spoken by Paul in the book of Timothy where he said “in the last days People will be lovers of money. 2 Timothy3:1-5 & 1 Timothy 4:1-2. These are indeed the last days. May God help us to keep our faith. Be blessed and Let us all pray.