Congrats to Loyiso Bala as he get’s promoted to Channel Director at TBN In Africa


Congrats to Loyiso Bala as he get’s promoted to Channel Director at TBN In Africa see official press release below:


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Second service of the year 13 January 2019 at @RhemaSA was powerful

Overcome Evil With Good

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” – Romans 12:21

Only in the Holy Bible are people commanded to love and bless their enemies (Matthew 5:44). It orders us to turn the left cheek when someone slaps our right one. We are to give our cloak if anyone wants to sue us and take our coat (Matthew 5:39-41). Don’t repay abuse for abuse but repay it with a blessing (1 Peter 3:9 & Romans 12:17). If your enemy is hungry, feed them and give them drinks when they’re thirsty (Romans 12:20). I have a colleague at work who is a strong guy. During our training, many of us were exhausted, but he was still clowning around which would’ve provoked tactical officers into punishing us trainees. I scolded him; we got into an argument and almost came to blows. We had never spoken to each other again since that time. One time, on his way home from duty, he had a flat tire. The automotive shop wouldn’t repair his tire because he had no money to pay the fee. Without soliciting his consent, I paid the repairman directly the exact amount. That gesture fixed any tension or animosity between us and to this day, we’re good friends. Indeed, to overcome evil with the same is disastrous, but overcoming evil with goodness brings lasting peace and joy.


Heavenly Father, forgive us if we repay other’s evil with evil and not with goodness and blessing. Lord, we know this is wrong and help us to make it right. Please give us a forgiving spirit, as well as the strength, wisdom, and understanding to do the right thing always. In Jesus Name we pray. Amen

06 January 2019 was the best way to start the year, first Sunday of the year @rhemasa What a Sunday, it was powerful. Pastor Neville van Wyk prayed for the whole congregation then he said a powerful prayer for the senior Pastor Ray McCauley and Mrs. @ZeldaMcCauley Sharing telling a tale of grace #Umusa

What a Sunday, it was powerful.

06 January 2019 was the best way to start the year, first Sunday of the year @rhemasa

Pastor Neville van Wyk prayed for the whole congregation then he said a powerful prayer for the senior Pastor Ray McCauley and Mrs. Zelda McCauley

Pastor Ray McCauley sermon theme was on the vision of the church

Sharing telling a tale of grace Umusa



An Exercise in Casting Cares

Psalm 55:16-22

God’s shoulders are wide enough to carry your burdens. He’s sovereign over the universe, so He is certainly capable of working out problems and meeting needs. Today I want to give you an exercise that will help make casting your cares on Him a practical act.

First, take a piece of paper and write the things that cause your anxiety. Once you start, you may discover there’s a list of items that cheat you out of peace.

Next, pray each issue into God’s care. Recall Psalm 18:35, which promises that He lovingly upholds believers.

Finally, as you pray, visualize placing the situation into God’s omnipotent hands. For example, imagine handing over to the Lord the debts you owe, while saying, “Father, I give You my financial anxiety. I know You’ll show me how to get out of debt. You are more than sufficient to handle it, and I trust You to guide me.”

Some people may resist this suggestion because certain pseudo-spiritual movements have a method they call visualizing. But here the term refers to the beautiful word pictures throughout the Bible, which God intended to help us understand our relationship with Him. This type of visualizing creates a mental snapshot of God doing what He says He’ll do ( u).

When you have transferred all of your worries to God’s hands, wad up the paper and then destroy it. In doing so, you symbolize the transaction that just took place: Your cares are no longer yours—every one of them belongs to the Lord. Then walk away in perfect peac

Called to Edify One Another

Colossians 3 :12-17

Your spiritual growth isn’t just about you—it affects your entire church. Consider this: What would your church be like if everyone in it was as hungry for God’s Word as you are? I’m not saying we must all be spiritual giants, but we should all be growing and increasing in our knowledge and love for Christ, as well as in our love for each other.

One of our responsibilities as members of Christ’s body is to edify each other in the faith. Sometimes we think this is just the role of those in ministry and assume the rest of us can sit back and take it easy. But today’s passage clearly says to “let the word of Christ richly dwell” in us so we can teach and admonish one another with wisdom Col3:16 .

Opinions and advice are often casually dished out without much thought, but as believers, we’re called to give wise counsel based on God’s Word. There is no other source that’s as sound, because Scripture alone is absolute truth. Building others up could simply be a matter of pointing out a passage that speaks to an issue they are facing, or it could involve admonishing or warning against an action or attitude the Bible condemns.

To some people, this kind of care for one another may seem unwanted or intrusive, but it’s actually an act of obedience to the Lord. It demonstrates our love for others and our desire to see them become the people that the Lord designed them to be—believers who accomplish what He’s called them to do. And if we are on the receiving end of such care, it helps us develop a humble, teachable attitude.

2nd 2019 Road running #sbs #OMTOM2019 preparations… for @OMTOM2019 raising funds under @RachelSwartFund #RunWithRachel! #OMTOM2019 #TwoOceansMarathon

Second 2019 road run was better, I can’t wait for the third run this evening.

To join me in support of the physical disabled you can donate through my project as little as R150 just follow the link to complete the form. God bless you.

#OMTOM2019 preparations… for @OMTOM2019 raising funds under @RachelSwartFund #RunWithRachel! #OMTOM2019 #TwoOceansMarathon

One Body, One Lord

Ephesians 4 :1-7

If you’re a Christian, you know the importance of being part of a church, because that’s where we grow and worship together as the body of Christ. However, it’s also a place where conflicts, disagreements, and annoyances occur. Although we are saved and destined for heaven, we still live in a fallen world and struggle with our own sins and weaknesses. What’s more, we come from diverse backgrounds and have different personalities and levels of spiritual maturity.

That’s why it’s essential that we learn to “walk in a manner worthy of the calling” of Christ (Eph. 4:1). How would a physical body function if the various parts ignored the brain’s direction and did their own thing? That’s what happens when a church won’t listen to its head, Jesus Christ. The inevitable result is conflict as individual members push their own agendas.

The only way we can walk worthy of our calling in a local church is to have the qualities mentioned in verse 2: humility, gentleness, patience, tolerance, and love. When these Christlike attributes characterize a group of believers, being together will be like a small taste of heaven on earth. Although there may still be disagreements, the manner in which they’re handled will change. Instead of angry outbursts, silent resentment, and bitterness, there will be greater concern for the other person than for oneself.

Our involvement in a local church is one of the ways God works to conform us to His Son’s image. The close connections developed within the community of faith will both encourage us and sand off the rough areas in our life. In that way, we end up looking more like Christ.