A Very Merry Christmas to you!

Be on the lookout this Christmas… God is up to something significant.  Major.  Era-shifting, in fact.  The key is not waiting around for the “one day, some day” move of God that we have all been preaching, writing and prophesying about.  Pentecost arrived two thousand years ago, which means revival is available now.  The Person of the Holy Spirit is here… but He is seeking those who will make room for His movement.  

Luke 2:7 is one of the most revelatory and heartbreaking Scriptures surrounding the Christmas story.  We are introduced to an unnamed inn-keeper who sadly turns away the holy family (Joseph, Mary, and the unborn Baby Jesus) because there is, of course, “no room at the Inn.”  I wonder in twenty-first century Christianity if we have made sufficient room for the move of God?  Why was there “no room” for Jesus to be born at the Inn?  

Two reasons I want to give you to reflect on this Christmas season: 

1. There was no room because the space was filled.  The Inn was filled with other people, other things.  In the twenty-first century, we tend to fill our lives and even spiritual gatherings with so many other things, often good things, that in the process, we have made no room for the move of God.  We make space for what (or Who) we prize and value.  It’s time for us to make sacred space for the Holy Spirit to move on His terms again.  It may often look messy, occasionally undignified, and perhaps disorderly, but it seems like Heaven has always favored messy, undignified, and even disorderly places to move.  Case in point: the Christmas manger.

2. The Innkeeper did not recognize Who was standing before him.  When we do not recognize the Presence of God because He moves in an unusual or unlikely way (God Almighty being born as an infant, for example), we will respond accordingly.  We will turn down and turn away moves of the Holy Spirit because they do not appear the way we think they ought to.  No, I don’t want anything that is anti-Biblical, but I do want what God desires to release, regardless of whether or not it suits my personal preferences. 

I will share about this more as we step into 2022, but I do believe we are stepping into an inevitability – “suddenly” is the inevitable response to continuing in “one place and one accord.”  Acts 2:1 ultimately prepares the way for Acts 2:2, as we continue to gather and pray, in one place and in one accord, we prepare the way for the Acts 2:2, suddenly breakout of the Holy Spirit that changes everything.