My first eve not as good as it look,however I am glad I believe Jesus is the reason for the season and I won’t let anything get me down

I got a bite from a foreign animal.聽 However now this is a recovery Pic as it looked bad before. I will continue to run as long as I can run . The enjury has been here now the 4rth day. I run in the bushes in Brits and winterveldt so it can be anything and consulting the medical centre is out of the question. I prayed ,used Panado and Moov for pains . Look my 3 days running from the 20th December was not easy due to this incident however I am determined that I will continue with the challenge and will rest in January anyway I do it as every year end I finish running never thought 21km run daily but hey I feel strong enough 馃憢 馃挭 馃槈 .
The forthday of 21km later continue now let me eat. #food is my motivation hey not a joke .


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