Is God Calling You?


If you have not yet made a commitment to God; if you have not yet repented of your sins and turned to God through Jesus Christ, asking for forgiveness for all your past sins; if you have not yet been baptized by immersion and received the laying-on-of-hands, as God’s Word commands, then it’s high time that you seriously consider the contents of this blog.

But is God calling you at this time? How can you know for sure?

The answer is simple: It is a mistake to assume that God is not calling you! Rather than think that God may not be calling you, be thankful that you are being invited to receive the salvation He wants to give you-and make sure you don’t fail to respond to the invitation!

You can be a member of the elect body. You can fulfill your destiny, which is the proper destiny of all humankind: eternal life in the Kingdom of God!

Don’t put it off! It’s a Free Ticket! And Tickets Are Still Available

Predestination and election can be easily understood with the following illustration: Luvoyo Matiwane lives in Easter Cape, South africa. He has been invited to attend a banquet in Pretoria, South Africa. The host for the banquet sent Billy Sigudla a ticket for a seat on a bus scheduled to leave 聽idutywa at 9:00 pm. on a Wednesday and arrive in Tshwane on Wednesday at 12:00 noon the following day day-just in time for the party.

The destination of the bus has been predetermined. As soon as Luvoyo steps onto the bus, he becomes a participant in this predetermined trip. His ticket assures him of a seat on the bus. His destination is certain.

However, if Luvoyo throws away his ticket before departure, or if he gets off the bus between idutywa and Tshwane, he will not arrive at the destination originally intended for him.

The same is true of the predetermined journey God has set before us. If we use the free “ticket” He has given to us, get aboard the “bus” to the Kingdom, and stay on the bus until it arrives, we will arrive at our proper destination. But if we get off the “bus” before it reaches its destination, we will not enter the Kingdom. Or, if we throw away the “ticket” before boarding, we will forfeit our “seat” on the bus and lose the privilege of participating in the predetermined journey.

The host of the banquet invited many, offering them free tickets, but many of them declined the offer. The only ones finally chosen for participation in the festivities were those who made the trip and showed up for the banquet.

Divine election is no different. God chooses those who choose Him. Many are invited, but those finally chosen for participation in the Kingdom are those who accept God’s provisions for salvation. Jesus Christ is the Elect One chosen from the foundation of the world (Isaiah 42:1;聽1 Peter 1:20). He is the Way into the Kingdom of God (John 14:6). When we accept Him, we are “in Christ,” and become participants in His death and resurrection (Romans 6:311;聽2 Corinthians 4:14). Similarly, by joining ourselves to the Elect One, becoming members of His Body, we become participants in His election.