Investing Your Time

Ephesians 5:7_17

Time is a most valuable commodity. Since it’s irreversible and irreplaceable, we ought to give careful consideration to how we spend our days—and even our minutes. Time is a gift from God, which means we aren’t owners but stewards who will one day give an account for how we used what was entrusted to us.

Those who realize their days belong to God are careful how they live. They want to understand the Lord’s will and seek His guidance each day through intimate fellowship with Him in the Word and prayer.  

But those who are foolish do not give adequate thought to the way they live. Some become unproductive and lazy, living for their own pleasures. But even those who are busy and successful by worldly standards may be wasting their time if their schedules aren’t aligned with God’s will.  

To make the most of your opportunities, try beginning each day with the Lord, asking Him to direct your activities. None of us want to arrive in heaven and discover that although we’ve been busy spending our time, we’ve failed to invest it for eternity.