And Every Branch That Beareth Fruit, He Cleanseth, That it May Bear More
Fruit–John 15:2
The thought of fruit is so prominent in the eye of Him who sees things as they
are, fruit is so truly the one thing God has set His heart upon, that our Lord, after
having said that the branch that bears no fruit is taken away, at once adds: and
where there is fruit, the one desire of the Husbandman is more fruit. As the gift of
His grace, as the token of spiritual vigor, as the showing forth of the glory of God
and of Christ, as the only way for satisfying the need of the world, God longs and
fits for, more fruit.
More Fruit–This is a very searching word. As churches and individuals we are in
danger of nothing so much as self-contentment. The secret spirit of Laodicea–we
are rich and increased in goods, and have need of nothing–may prevail where it
is not suspected. The divine warning–poor and wretched and miserable–finds
little response just where it is most needed.
Let us not rest content with the thought that we are taking an equal share with
others in the work that is being done, or that men are satisfied with our efforts in
Christ’s service, or even point to us as examples. Let our only desire be to know
whether we are bearing all the fruit Christ is willing to give through us as living
branches, in close and living union with Himself, whether we are satisfying the
loving heart of the great Husbandman, our Father in Heaven, in His desire for
more fruit.
More Fruit–The word comes with divine authority to search and test our life: the
true disciple will heartily surrender himself to its holy light, and will earnestly ask
that God Himself may show what there may be lacking in the measure or the
character of the fruit he bears. Do let us believe that the Word is meant to lead us
on to a fuller experience of the Father’s purpose of love, of Christ’s fullness, and
of the wonderful privilege of bearing much fruit in the salvation of men.
More Fruit–The word is a most encouraging one. Let us listen to it. It is just to the
branch that is bearing fruit that the message comes: more fruit. God does not
demand this as Pharaoh the task-master, or as Moses the lawgiver, without
providing the means. He comes as a Father, who gives what He asks, and works
what He commands. He comes to us as the living branches of the living Vine,
and offers to work the more fruit in us, if we but yield ourselves into His hands.
Shall we not admit the claim, accept the offer, and look to Him to work it in us?
“That it may bear more fruit”: do let us believe that as the owner of a vine does
everything to make the fruitage as rich and large as possible, the divine
Husbandman will do all that is needed to make us bear more fruit. All He asks is,
that we set our heart’s desire on it, entrust ourselves to His working and care,
and joyfully look to Him to do His perfect work in us. God has set His heart on
more fruit; Christ waits to work it in us; let us joyfully look up to our divine
Husbandman and our heavenly Vine, to ensure our bearing more fruit.
Our Father which art in Heaven, Thou art the heavenly Husbandman. And Christ
is the heavenly Vine. And I am a heavenly branch, partaker of His heavenly life,
to bear His heavenly fruit. Father, let the power of His life so fill me, that I may
ever bear more fruit, to the glory of Thy name.