Obstacles to Forgiving Ourselves

Psalm 51;1-12

Every human being has a sin problem. We lose our temper, make mistakes, and harbor selfish motives, but God offers forgiveness for everyone who will accept it. And yet many believers find it impossible to forgive themselves. Why?

First, we struggle with self-forgiveness at times because we find it difficult to accept God’s forgiveness. Guilt can overshadow the enormous gift of pardon and restoration that our Father has freely provided. We may think, What I’ve done is just too terrible for God to forgive me, but that’s never true. (SeTitus2:14)

Second, personal disappointment can prevent us from forgiving ourselves. If we have ridiculously high, self-imposed standards for our behavior, failure to live up to them can leave us feeling disappointed and unworthy of forgiveness.

Third, seeing the results of our sin can keep guilt alive in our mind. That is, if our wrong actions produce a tangible negative consequence, we may find it hard to forgive ourselves. 

Are you harboring remorse for a sin from your past? God’s forgiveness is available now (1John1:9). Christ gave His life to make you free, so don’t willingly stay in chains. You’re invited forgive yourself for what God has already pardoned (Gal5:1).