Part Of Worship Is Waiting

You must stay in a state of repose, until something expected happens
The length of the wait, I really don’t know, but faith halts the dampens’
Waiting is a part of worship, being available to God in readiness
Concentrating on what He wants alleviates the pettiness.

Continue looking forward eagerly to what God will do
The Father’s heart is to bless you more than you desire him to
Keep your expectors on in expectation of the Father
Free yourself from the expectation of others, then you will not be bothered.

However, be grateful for the people in your life who are stalwart, and unswervingly loyal
Who wait in expectancy of God with you, now that’s simply royal.
Remember, waiting is seasonal, it’s only a test
The line between A and B is called the “process.”

Though the vision may tarry it will surely come to pass
Ask the Father to renew your strength in order that you can outlast
Mental anguish, anxiety, discouragement, or worried
You’re not waiting on a person, you’re waiting on God, who cannot be hurried

Hope deferred makes the heart-sick,
When we’re counting the clock’s tick-tock-tick
But a tree of life is a desire fulfilled
When you’re worshiping God at will for His will

Therefore, soar over the ground until your prey appears
Then lie in wait and ambush all unbelief, doubt, and fears
In this season of great change, great challenges, and great trial
Experiencing delay with the Lord isn’t always denial.

Waiting usually implies staying for a limited time for God’s definite purpose
Whatever you are waiting for, remember, God has it in surplus
The Lord is not rejecting you although his time may overlap your date
Just a prophetic reminder, He’s not saying no,He’s just saying,Wait

Father, renew our strength and cause us to mount up with wings of great faith like the eagle’s. Let us run and not become weary, walk and not lose heart or courage as we wait upon You.

May the Father strengthen and encourage our hearts to wait on him today! Comprehending that He’s not saying no, He’s just saying Wait.