PREACHER: Pastor John Sigudla

Nehemiah chapter one and chapter two

  1. Introduction.

Toughest situation in the lives of the Israelites taken into captivity and few poor citizens left behind in Jerusalem. Those taken into captivity were well educated and strong people. Amongst those taken to captivity was Nehemiah son of Hacaliah who was well placed in the palace of the king of Susa. A position that might have made him to forget about home, but that never happened.

Serving the king his heart was back home.

Serving the king his whole being was back home thinking about what is happening with the remnants of the children of Israel.

Serving the king, his whole life was not in this beautiful safe place.

Serving the king with his eyes looking back home to see what was happening.

Serving the king with all his ears on the ground picking up what was happening back home.

Serving the king with the heart full of questions about what is happening back home.

We surely need such people that will serve God in spite of what circumstances of comfort we find ourselves in. the comfort from our God is the only one that can give us peace that we need, the peace that passes man’s understanding.

    • Sometimes asking causes lot of more trouble than the present trouble. It is sometimes good not to receive any reports than getting more upset when sad reports are given to you.
    • Reports are both good and bad and your attitude towards both reports is very important and deciding.
    • Other people died because of the good reports, they were so much overwhelmed that they dropped dead.
    • Whiles other people were strengthened by sad reports and they came out of the sad report stronger than before the report. The Lord is my Shepherd and I shall not want…though I walk through the valley of the shadow of doubts, I fear no evil for he is with me. (Psalm 23)
    • Trouble expands the thinking capacity of some persons, while good news shrinks the thinking capacity of some persons.
  • The prayer of Nehemiah from verse 4-11
    • A very powerful prayer that started with confession.
    • A prayer from a broken heart and contrite[1] spirit.
    • A prayer of an open heart full of sorrow for the sins of the nation.
    • An intercessory prayer for the whole nation.
    • A prayer that never left any stone unturned.
    • A prayer of fasting day and night crying to God.
    • A prayer that changed the situation for the good.
    • A historical prayer of God’s promises to the children of Israel.
    • A very powerful informed prayer about the principles and laws of the God of heaven.
    • Then prayer of petition
    • Prayer of requesting God’s favour in the action to be taken.
    • Prayer of trust and dedication and hope that God will answer.
  • Prayer will expose you what kind of a person you are.
    • 2So the king asked me, “Why are you so sad? You aren’t sick, are you? You look like a man with deep troubles.”
    • Three successive questions were asked by the king.
      • Why are you so sad? That was carrying a death sentence since you do not serve the king with a sad face.
      • You aren’t sick, are you? At least God intervened with a positive thinking of sickness since if one is sick, he will appear sad.
      • You look like a man with deep troubles. This was saying, I see your troubles but they are not ordinary troubles but very deep troubles. This was the readiness for the king to help if there are troubled faced by Nehemiah.
      • When God is in control, he makes your enemies your friends, a free zone to go.
    • That frightened Nehemiah out of his skin when he was asked such questions.
    • Nehemiah had to tell the truth about the house of God and Jerusalem as a whole.
    • The amazing thing is that the king was more than prepared to help if he may be allowed. This is indeed the power of prayer that changes things. Verse 4 Chapter 2.
    • The king and the queen were told about the bad situation back home.
    • The king asked how he may be of help.
    • Then Nehemiah spoke to the king and requested the following:
      • Send me to Judah to go and repair where my families are buried. 2:5
      • He was asked whether he was going to come back and when is he leaving. Verse 6. Challenging concern.
      • He further requested for letters that are needed for go through other provinces. Verse 7
      • Another letter was to be send to Asaph the manager of the kings’ forest for timber to be supplied for the repair of the walls and the gates of Jerusalem. And (a house for myself”) this was quiet disturbing after being asked when are you going to come back and all of a sudden you talk about the house of your own.
      • The king never took that as serious, but granted Nehemiah what he requested.
  • The actual journey had some problems. Chapter 2:9
    • In those days, it was like our days, there was no safety on the roads.
    • Nehemiah was given soldiers for safe keeping on the road since his theology was not the theology of Ezra who said “There is a great God who is taking care of us”
  • Indeed God takes care of us but how?
  • God uses all the possible ways to take care of his children.
  • As a president of the Country, it is a standard requirement to have body guards around you, this is happening everywhere in the world.
  • As a police, you believe in God and the institution require you to have a fire arm for self –protection and protection of the citizens that you are serving against lawlessness people with AK 47’s
  • As you enter an unhealthy ward infested with viruses, you are expected to wear a mask for safety.
  • As a paramedic, dealing with accidents, you are expected to wear hand cloves for prevention against blood that might be HIV infections from the victims of the accident and that is a standard requirement for you to be a paramedic.
  • In the mining industry, going underground as protection measures, you are expected to wear the right attire with a helmet on your heart for falling rocks.
  • What about our houses for protection purposes, burglar -proofs have been inserted.
  • What about our houses, we have ADT security companies taking care of our houses with sirens.  Why protection major.
  • One man was trapped in an island and it was heavily raining and the water was flooding the island and God sent people with a boat to help, and he refused the help, an helicopter was send three times and the man refused to be helped saying that he was praying. He finally died as he was drowned and when he arrive in heaven, he asked God why he failed to rescue him and God said how many people did I sent to you, to rescue you and you simply refused.
    • Nehemiah was not a perfect man, chapter 2:9


  •  Nehemiah was aware that the work belongs to God.
    • Nehemiah was a vision carrier and we cannot all be vision carriers.
    • One is a vision carrier others are vision fulfillers.
    • Nehemiah knew that he needed others to fulfil the great work.
    • In the process of doing God’s work, we must expect oppositions from the Sanballat’s and the Tobias.
    • The solution with Nehemiah was his trust in the God of the vision.
    • As the year start, we need oneness of heart, togetherness in whatever we are doing, reading of the vision of the leader, and understanding of the vision of the leader.
    • Get your position to build your portion, never bring something which is not in the vision.
    • We are here for 2019 to win souls; anything in our work must be for soul winning and discipleship, nothing else.
    • Come let us work together as God has called us for his Work. This is God’s work and must be done the God’s way.

[1] Contrite, remorseful heart, repentant heart, regretful heart.

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